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Working together to achieve your goal

We begin the process of creating and developing sophisticated formulations and incredible flavours form your own ideas.
With us your recipes are secured from competitors eyes. We assure that all the process are protected by a trade secret theth is not disclosed to anyone.

Analysis of e-liquids

We offer the most detailed analysis for e-liquids to ensure the list of all the compounds.

Bottling and labeling

We offer the whole range of services that include printing, labeling, bottling, packing and shipping to the designed destination.

TPD declarations

We can help you to get through the whole process that is necessary in order to make your products TPD compliant in every country.

Development and production

We develop and manufacture e-liquids for both large and small distributors and anyone that has a desire of crafting their own product.

The highest quality possible

Our skilled professionals have been trained to follow our extensive procedures to ensure every flavor is made perfect every time.

Production of E-Liquids

Preparation of bases, Bottling and packaging, Labelling, Traceability.



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Whether you are already well-established in the industry, or you want to create your own brand, we can meet your requirements with a flexible approach to high amount production, while maintaining high quality standards.