We start on your own ideas to create and develop sophisticated formulations and incredible flavors.
We keep your recipes secure from competitors eyes for confidential private labeling. We assure any
process protected by a trade secret that it is not disclosed to anyone.

Analysis of e-liquids
Analyse the product to look for unknown ingredients and determine the purity of its raw ingredients
Development of E-Liquids
We provide and manufacture e-liquids for distributors and dealers of all sizes and countries.
Severe Quality Control
Our skilled professionals have been trained to follow our extensive procedures to ensure every flavor is made perfect every time.
Production of E-Liquids
Preparation of bases, Bottling and packaging, Labelling, Traceability
TPD declarations
Declarations will be retroactive and will therefore concern all products already on the market at the time that the law comes into force
Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance of e-liquids for TPD
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